Why us

Qualified and experienced Personnel
Quality and client satisfaction
Reliability and efficiency

The goal of our company is to allow us to meet our client's goals the best we can, while keeping best quality of services. The idea of shaping Flights & Docs. was with a clear vision to ensure efficiency and prompt resettlement services to our clients wanting to settle and qualifying as per Italian law.


Our experience allows us to lead our clients to find comprehensive solutions for any kind of problem regarding our field. The company today is one of the largest re-settlement service providers in Italy & India. Flights & Docs. has a proven track record of establishing Immigration issues, Skilled professionals, family re-unification, worldwide visas, for whole nationalities present on Italian territory.


The company’s growth, consolidating its infrastructure and operations in the direction of servicing its clients to highest levels of their satisfaction. Company’s collaborations with lawyers, agencies and organizations has helped offer complete package right from approaching the target audience, counselling on options to helping immigrates to complete their settlement in this country.





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