The term citizenship indicates the relationship between an individual and the state, and is in particular a status called civitatis, to which the legal system reconnects the fullness of civil and political rights. In Italy the modern concept of citizenship was born at the time of formation of the unitary state and is currently governed by the law of 5 February 1992 n.

Italian citizenship jure sanguinis you buy, whether it is born or adopted by Italian citizens. There is a possibility of residual purchase jure alone, if you are born on the Italian territory by stateless parents or if the parents are unknown or can not pass on their citizenship to her son under the law of the State of origin.

Citizenship can also be requested by foreigners residing in Italy for at least ten years and are in possession of certain requirements. In particular, the applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient income to support, not to have a criminal record, not to be in possession of impediments to the security of the Republic.

You can become Italian citizens for marriage. The 'citizenship through marriage'recognized by the prefect of the province of residence of the applicant


Different is talk of European citizenship that is not a status that is acquired. Every of a member state of the EU, in addition to the citizenship of the country of origin, enjoys citizenship europea.Secondo the textual diction of the Maastricht Treaty (TEU), the Union citizen is anyone who is a national of a Member State.

Citizenship of the European Union has a number of well-defined rules and rights, which can be grouped into four categories:


  • freedom of movement and residence throughout the Union;
  • the right to vote and to be elected in local elections and the European Parliament in the Member State of residence;
  • the protection by the diplomatic and consular authorities of any Member State in a third country in which the State of which the person concerned is a national is not represented;
  • the right to petition the European Parliament and complaints to the Ombudsman.
  • The law provides for certain cases where it can be detrimental to the Italian citizenship. Italian citizenship can redeem on demand.