What is the 730 - The taxpayer must state their incomes, family members who dependents for tax purposes, deductible expenses and deductible, any advance payments. Must be filed in the tax return for employees, pensioners, temporary workers and several other categories of taxpayers that for the year 2012 belonged to one of these types:


-subject Who receive compensation in lieu of employment income (treatment of wage or the mobility allowance)


-Soci Of production cooperatives and labor, services, agriculture and primary processing of agricultural and small fishing.


-Giudici Constitutional, national parliamentarians, holders of other elective office, such as regional directors, provincial, municipal.


-Lavoratori Socially useful.


-Sampled Agricultural exempted from filing the withholding IRAP and VAT.


-Lavoratori With fixed-term employment contract of less than one year presenting the 730 to the withholding if the employment relationship lasts at least from April to July 2010; a Caf or a qualified professional if the relationship lasts at least from June to July 2010 and if you know the details of the substitute making the adjustment.


- School staff with fixed-term employment contract, if the contract lasts at least from September 2009 to June 2010.


-Lavoratori With only income coordinated and continuous least in June-July 2010 to know the data of the substitute who will make the adjustment.


-Rappresentanti Or guardians of people incapable, including children, for their income where the conditions for the 730.